The birth of a Tirthamkara is an epoch-making event. The thrones of all the lords of heavens (Indras) started shaking with a mild tremor. Sakrendra, the chief among the Indras, visualized by means of the Avadhi knowledge that Bhagavan Mahavira was born and he paid respectful homage there and then to him. It is one of the sacred missions of Sakrendra that he should perform all the rites such as anointing, bathing etc. of the new-born child destined to be a Tirthamkara. He then sends for all the other gods and goddesses and flies down to the bed-chamber of Trisala immediately, bows down to the Bhagavan and his mother and induces her to sleep. Thereafter, he assumes five forms by divine power, take’s hold of the Bhagavan by on while with his other forms he holds an umbrella, chowries etc. over the head of the Bhagavan and takes him to Nandanavana, the Temples situated on Mount Meru, in the center of jambu dvipa, Which has a number of temples dedicated to the jinas.

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