A Jain monk died in a fit of anger and was born as a cobra. As eye’s emitter venom, anything coming within the sphere of his vision succumbed to the deadly poison. Therefore no one used to cross the forest which was its habitat. Bhagavan Mahavira knew this by his divine knowledge and in order to enlighten the cobra by his universal love he entered the forest and stood motionless in meditation by the place where the cobra resided. The proud king-cobra rushed out of its hole, hissing and gazing at Bhagavan Mahavira. But he stood motionless and unperturbed. Blind with rage, the cobra bit him on the toe. But mild like blood started flowing from the toe. Bhagavan Mahavira cast a gentle glance and said, “O Candakausika, Be enlightened and attain peace of mind.” The words had magic effect. Repenting sincerely for the past sins, he renounced violence.

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