Many are not aware of the Balividhana ceremony celebrated in Samavasarana. One should know about the auspicious ceremony of Balividhana. An ordinary person cannot know its importance but is it of a great importance in present-age situation.

Bali means half-cooked scented rice. It is cooked in the house of a remarkable person and brought in the Samavasarana in the form of a procession. Then the Tirthamkara’s sermon stops. Then the persons bringing Bali moves round Tirthamkara with Bali in their hands. They put this Bali at the feet of Tirthamkara. His holy eyes look at it and the Bali becomes very effective. The gods throw Bali into the air. The gods and human-beings take this rice. If any one takes a grain of it and puts it on his head, he is cured of all diseased and does not become a victim of a new disease for six months.

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