At the behest of Indra, Lord of gods, Hari-naigamesin, With speed surpassing even that of lightning, flies down to the city Brahmanakunda and entering the mansion of Rsabhadatta removes the foetus from the womb of Devananda. From there he flies to the palace of king Siddhartha, an illustrious Ksatriya of Kasypa Gotra belonging to Vajjigana and Jnatrkula clans and entering the bed-chamber of queen Trisala, removes the female foetus from her womb and plants there the male foetus to be born as Bhagavan Mahavira later. Flying back he plants the female foetus in the womb of Devananda. Returning to the heaven, he reports to Indra. This surgical feat is unique and has not been repeated even in thousands of years. In one of his previous births-that of Marici-Mahavira felt proud of his high caste and as a result of that pride he was conceived by a Brahmin lady.

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