A spiritual aspirant has to face numerous difficulties and obstacles in the course of his pursuit of penance. When Bhagavan Mahavira came to Asthikagrama, he wanted to spend the night in the temple dedicated to a Yaksa called Sulapani. The villagers warned him that the wicked Yaksa tortures to death any traveler who happened to spend the night in that shrine. But he insisted on staying there overnight. The yaksa became enraged and furious, as he thought that it was challenge to his powers. He, therefore, tried to frighten Bhagavan Mahavira by assuming various forms, such as that of a goblin, an elephant, a cobra a loin etc. but did not succeed. He then tried to pierce his eyes and ears. But Bhagavan Mahavira stood unperturbed and motionless like a rock. Being thus utterly discomfited, the Yaksa fell down at his feet and apologized to him. From that day he gave up his wicked nature. When the villagers saw Bhagavan Mahavira in the morning, they were highly impressed and hailed and greeted him with shouts of joy and victory.

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