Short Introduction to third edition

Short Introduction to third edition
The pictorial album circulated all over the world in Jain community was received with approbation everywhere and was universally absorbed with unprecedented and unique attributes. Detailed information as to when and how it was prepared should be known from the statement presented in the first edition. Here some salient details related to third edition are presented.

With the addition of 13 pictures the total number in the third edition has risen to 48 pictures.13 new pictures have been eye-catching and attractive, enhancing the charm of the 35 earlier pictures. The index numbers of 13 pictures are 2, 4, 9, 13, 17, 20, 26, 38, 39, 41, 42, 43 and 45. Introduction to 80 strip- illustrations and 144 symbols is the most attractive and very useful section which enlightens and elucidates the inner meaning.

Note about the remarkable features of the third edition over the first two editions
(1) 13 new pictures,
(2) 19 outline strips,
(3) 39 symbols,
(4) index in the three languages for 48 pictures,
(5,6) multicolor Yantra Of Siddhachakra and Rishi mandal,
(7) outline delineation of how the Atma of Tirthankara becomes Paramatma,
(8) fourteen royal words, four geographical pictures of jambudwipa etc.
(9) 18 locations of sins,
(10) Brahmi script of Jain Agamas,
(11) Jiva-Kshamapana, seven lakh aphorisms,
(12) pictures of Ashoka, Shal trees,
(13) map of India of the times of Mahavira,
(14) four pictures of Kalpasutra style.
All these and other remarkable features would be seen in this third edition.

Pictures numbered 2, 38 and 42 though belonging to the picture-series of Adishver Bhagawan, being very attractive are published in this edition for the simple reason that they are charming Because of paucity of space the introduction in Hindi and English is given in extremely concise form.

I apologize before shasanadeva if any statement or reference is made against scriptures or traditions.

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