A person has a material and a subtle mind. At night the material mind sleeps and the subtle is active. Hence one gets dreams. According to the scripture of dreams the following fourteen dreams are the best to forecast the future child in the womb.

Their names in order are as under-

(1) an elephant
(2) a bull
(3) a lion
(4) Laksami the goddess of wealth
(5) a garland of flowers
(6) the moon
(7) the sun
(8) a flag with diagram of a lion
(9) a water pitcher
(10) a lotus-lake
(11) a sea
(12) god’s heavenly abode
(13) a heap of jewels
(14)a smokeless fire.

Every mother who gives a birth to a Tirthamkara dreams these fourteen attractive illustrated dreams as shown in the picture. Their various effects are also described in the scriptures.

An explanation - Everyone must remember that there is an option for the first dream. The mother of the first Tirthamkara dream of a bull, the mother of the last one dream of a lion and the mothers of the remaining twenty-two dreamt of an elephant The option in an elephant, a lion and a bull are purposely indicated by drawing them at center. So that every one can understand it easily. These will draw the attention of all and enlighten them.

The downward sketch of sleeping mother Trisala is highly attractive and artistic.

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