During the forty-two years of his ascetic life, Bhagavan Mahavira preached his gospel of Ahimsa to millions of people and initiated into monkhood thousands of his disciples. At the age of seventy-two he came to Pavapuri for spending the final rainy season there. In the month of Asvina he observed fast for two days-without even taking water-and seated in the lotus posture on a golden lotus he delivered his last and longest sermon, lasting for forty-eight hours, before the four-fold samgha. With only four Ghatis of the new-moon night left, he destroyed the remaining four types of non-destructive karmans. And thus with all the eight karmans completely annihilated, his soul soared high and reached the pinnace of Loka and went to the permanent abode of Siddhas, never to return again. And thus the soul achieved the highest goal after practicing severe austerities spreading over numerous previous births and especially in the last one.

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