The thrones of Indra and the other gods received tremors the moment Bhagavan Mahavira attained omniscience. Immediately, Hosts of gods thronged there to celebrate the fourth Kalyanaka (auspicious occasion). They constructed a divine Assembly Hall, known as SAMAVASARANA, for Bhagavan Mahavira’s first sermon. He delivered the first sermon at night when only the gods were present. Then overnight Bhagavan traveled to Pavapuri and stayed in the garden named Mahasena. The gods constructed another divine assembly hall there. This Samavasarana hall is either circular, as in the illustration, or a square one. There are three enclosures. The lowest is of silver, the upper one is of gold and the uppermost one is of precious stones like diamonds etc. The first enclosure serves as a sort of parking ground for the conveyances of gods and men, the second one is meant for lower animals, and the and the uppermost for gods and human beings. Under Asoka tree, Mahavira (delivering sermon) precepting in Ardhamagadhi understood by all.

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Vikram said...

That is fine but I want to know what he said in the first and the last sermons.Can you kindly send me the english or hindi version of the text of his sermons.

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